Thursday, February 12, 2009

I've created a monster!

Little Joshua can do no wrong in my eyes. Seriously, I find everything he does lovable. But I am the only person who feels this way I am afraid.
I made the kids some mini blueberry muffins for breakfast this morning. About a half hour after breakfast Abby walked up to the plate of muffins & screamed! She said "Someone ate all of the muffins!"
I assured her that she must be wrong because no one could have possibly eatten a dozen muffins (come on, Jon was at work). I went to see what had really happened & she was right, someone had taken a bite out of each one! I searched for evidence & found this:
He is a dickens! But really, could anyone else get mad at this boy? He's just too cute! Minutes later I heard him screaming "Momma, momma, momma!" From the front room & found this! I admit, I've created a monster! But I love my monster!
And the set of stairs he created was pretty impressive!


Liz and Scott said...

What a cute boy! I'm very impressed by his stairs - he's a little genius.

The Simmons Family said...

Oh that's hilarious!! I love that he munched all the muffins down.. he probably was so full of sugar that he turned into superbaby and that's how he got on the table!

kirk and carrie said...

I love his greasy little chin. He looks pleases that he got Abby in a tizzy.

I think those stairs prove he'll be some type of engineer later in life. What a smarty pants.

Corrie said...

Oh my gosh, what a cheeky little monkey! He is just too cute!

Hetrick family said...

That's awesome!

Boys will be boys!

His steps are SO impressive. Thank goodness Clint doesn't have a brain that works like that...yet.

I do so enjoy that he got up there are realized "now what?"--"MOMMA!!!!!"