Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer lovin'

Why have I been so bad about blogging lately? It must be summer! We've tried to stay busy with day trips and even a couple over nighters...just enough for the kids to feel like we are really living it up! We haven't done anything extravagant, just hiking & exploring the world around us, visiting different lakes & rivers etc. Trying to make good memories!

Besides keeping us all entertained, Jon has spent the past several months working hard to establish his non-profit organization, He is just getting the website rolling, after months of meeting with lawyers, accountants & jumping through hoops one must jump through to operate a non-profit. His goal (in a nutshell) is to provide education to new amputees & be a resource through the entire process. There is so much more to it...please check it out! He is so passionate about it & I love that it's finally beginning to really move forward! You can also check it out on Facebook.
Jon isn't one to open up frequently about his experience with Josh, but you can read here how it was the driving force behind the non-profit. I'm proud of him.:)
Check it out & let us know what you think!