Thursday, March 11, 2010

naughty & nice

This week has been kind of busy for me for a few reasons. First, because I'm helping throw a baby shower on Saturday, which will be lots of fun! And second, I am a leader of the Young Women's group at church & we are taking the girls on an over night trip this weekend (I'm coming home late Friday night, can't stay over night with Sammy on my hip).  I've spent the week preparing for both of these events.  Today was the day I did some baking for the shower, I'm making a polka-dot cake. Simple enough...that is, until a certain 2 year old conveniently found his way to the counter top & poked each polka-dot with his grubby little finger! Ugh!!!! 
That was the naughty, now on to the nice....because after all, he is a nice kid. 
The other day we were hanging out with Josh's aunt Carrie & he asked her to take him to Old Navy. She laughed & asked him why he wanted to go to Old Navy.  He told her in his sweet little raspy voice "So I can buy you a ball!"
What a sweet gesture from a 2 year old boy!

(To be fair, I was able to salvage about 8 of my nearly 100 dots. He didn't ruin every one of them.)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

new strategy...

Jon & I have been working hard to break Josh of his "repeat mode" where he'll say the same thing 100 times in a row. For instance when he wants me to get him his pacifier he'll say, "I want my bo bo, I want my bo bo, I want my bo bo....." until I'm ready to go coo coo!  Pretty typical for a 2 year old (at least that's what I tell myself).
Well it seems our efforts have paid off because recently rather than his typical begging, he's resorted to a new strategy.  Now he'll say "Mom, go get my bo bo. I trust you." or "Mom get me chicken nuggets, you're my best friend." I have to admit, it's hard to refuse such requests (even though in reality, he's just out smarted me to get what he wants ASAP)! 
He's only 2...should I be worried?

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

don't ask...

I know some of you are asking yourself how I had time to grab my camera at a moment like this.  The truth is he was hanging out up there as I was cooking dinner - although I didn't realize it until I heard him saying something about "walking on the roof."  That caught my attention & I found him scaling the banister.  Moments after taking this picture he said, "I fly up off roof now!" Not so fast Josh....that diaper doesn't give you super powers!