Monday, May 23, 2016

The latest...

So much that's happened since I last posted, thankfully, there's nothing negative to report, just a general update of the past 9 months. How terrible of me to have let 9 months pass without making a single update to his blog. But in my defense I taught full-time 2/3 of the school year. So at least there's a good reason for me to have gone MIA.

Josh is nearing the end of second grade. Overall, it's been a much better experience than first grade had been.  I realize school will always be a real challenge for Josh. Part of me wants to just check-out of those worries. That may sound awful but If I'm totally honest, I want his childhood to be fully of joy, new experiences, learning, growing. But school these days is so stressful and highly demanding. I know that's all a part of growing up, but for Josh, growing up already includes more stress than any child should have to bear. Maybe this is just end of the school year angst talking. We are really ready for summer break (if that isn't clear)!

In other news, Josh has been such a stud on the baseball diamond again this season. I'm so proud of him. He's one of those kids who is always giving 110%. He plays the whole darn field, makes so many incredible plays, he's just a boss out there. Baseball brings out the best in him and he has another great coach this season who really helps him flourish. He's has great sportsmanship, he's a leader, he's a stand out - all the way around.  I love that he goes out there, gives it his all and no one knows about his heart, he's just another kid.
(Disclaimer, yes - his coach knows, however spectators and teammates often don't know.)


Here's the latest heart update: As it stands right now, Josh is still a candidate for transplant, but for the time being his symptoms that had been very concerning before, haven't been an issue lately. So the plan remains the same with the heart failure team at Stanford...keep watching closely.

Also worthy of posting, last week Jon got his hands on some Warriors tickets and took Josh to a playoff game! It was a dream come true for Josh. I was demanding pictures from Jon the whole time because I knew how much the game meant to Josh. This picture right here says it all.

So there you have life altering news to share, but that's a good thing. We will be meeting with Endocrinology again this week and we'll see where what their thoughts are about Joshua's growth. He's still a just a little guy and hasn't had any significant growth for a few years now.  Maybe I'll have some news to post on that front soon. Also on the horizon, we'll be going to Camp Taylor again this year! Cannot wait for that fun!!

That's all for now!