Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First day of school...

We are already into our second week of school, but I wanted to post a few pictures of Joshua's first day.  The first day was great! He made a new buddy right away and they apparently had a lot to talk about. He referred to him as his "Star Wars buddy" wasn't until a few days later that we learned his real name. :)

Abby is in 3rd grade this year and Callie is a big 1st grader this year! It's nice knowing that they have each other on campus.

Josh really likes his new teacher, she's very sweet. The class is quite full, and is very boy heavy, so she's got her hands full, but she has a lot of experience and seems like a perfect teacher for Josh.

Three hours of school, five days a week is going to take a little getting used to, I think. Josh comes home tired every day, but so far things have gone pretty smoothly.  It's probably hardest for Sam to get used to since he's stuck with just me for 15 hours a week!!! I'm not as much fun as his siblings I guess, I can tell he's missing them.

Well that's all for now.  In a few weeks we'll celebrate his 5th is he already 5 years old?
Where has the time gone? Ugh, it all goes by way too fast!

Monday, August 20, 2012

So long summer...

It's unimaginable that my little boy will wake up tomorrow morning and go to his first day of school! Where did the time go?
It feels like just yesterday I got that fateful phone call from Kaiser telling me I must urgently go back in and have a second ultrasound because there appeared to be a problem with our baby's heart.
And yet somehow time has passed. A lot of time.  Josh will be 5 years old next month.
When my girls started Kindergarten, I was a bit emotional. I felt like as I walked away from them on their first day of school - leaving them all alone in their classrooms, I was walking away from my baby and I knew that when I came to pick them up a few hours later, they would have joined the ranks of a "kid". Just makes me a little sad.
Today as I sat with Josh in his orientation, I started thinking about all he's been through in his life. I found myself fighting back tears. There sat my sweet eager little boy, listening intently to his new teacher, not a care in the world, so excited to learn, play and make new friends and I knew that for the first time, tomorrow,  I'd have to leave his side.
He went to preschool last year, however he only went 5 hours a week and his teacher was a dear family friend. This 5 days a week stuff is going to be hard for me. I have been with him through everything, always holding his hand, making sure he's safe and comfortable and now it's time to let go.
I know must sound dramatic, but it's going to be a hard "Goodbye, little buddy!" tomorrow morning.
But to be a little positive, I am very excited that he's going to learn and grow in school. There was never a friendlier, happier kid than Josh, so I know he's going to love making new friends. I think it's going to be a wonderful experience for him.
We are extremely fortunate in that he will be on campus with one of my longest "heart mom" friends. I know that she will keep an eye on my little guy & I am tremendously relieved knowing she's there with him.
We went to the campus earlier in the week to check out the classrooms and Josh was so darn excited he giggled the whole time because he was so excited to be there. As we walked away he said, "Mom, this was even funner than I expected!" I'm expecting tomorrow will be the same for him...I just hope I can be as brave as him!