Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not the news we expected

Last week I posted that Joshua was scheduled to see his cardiologist yesterday due to his recent blueness and general sluggishness. I assumed it was the cold weather and it was just taking him some time to adjust. That was wishful thinking. Josh was admitted to the ICU after his appointment due to his poor heart function, fluid around the lungs and an enlarged liver.
He's on some powerful meds to "tune him up" and hopefully after a few days the situation will improve. Thankfully he's in good spirits. There are always difficult moments in ICU, but we are staying positive and that goes a long way.
Your prayers are much appreciated!

Friday, November 25, 2011

This & that.....

Last week Joshua was invited to one of his very best buddy's birthday party. I was planning to drop him off & then head home, but seeing the joy on his face, I had to stay and watch! It was a kickball party...best party idea ever! It was right up Joshua's alley. Lots of fun!
I have had so much fun this school year having a few hours a week with just the boys. It gets pretty crazy most days, these boys like to play hard! It's really a blessing to have this time together, I look forward to it.  But we also look forward to picking the girls up each day because they are so much fun to be with & good helpers too!
A couple of weeks ago we decided to go check out the local fish hatchery. When I ran cross country in college my coach would take us to the fish hatchery each year before the state meet and we would watch the fish work so hard to swim up the ladder. It was quite a sight & I knew the kids would love it.
Abby is learning about Salmon in school so she taught us more than all of the informative signs. It was a fun day.

Joshua is still loving preschool & I am so glad we decided to put him in this year. I don't think we could have found a better teacher for Joshua.  She really understands him. 
I'll be taking Joshua to the cardiologist on Monday. Can you believe he hasn't been since surgery in March?!? What in the world? That's a good thing though.  He's been doing very well.  The cold whether brings out his blueness again, and he seemed a bit sluggish for a couple weeks. I think his body was just adjusting to the colder temperatures. He seems more like himself the past few days, so we're glad to see that.
Well, that about sums it up. I'll be sure to post a progress report on Monday after his appointment. I don't expect any surprises, I'm thinking we'll probably get the "all clear, see ya in 9 months!"