Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Have to share...

I have a friend who has always taken really great pictures and just recently began doing so on the side as a business. Lucky for us!! I was thrilled that she was willing to come and take some pictures of the kids in their element, but honestly didn't expect any one could capture all 4 of the kids so perfectly! She has a real gift. Anyway, I wanted to share a few of the pictures she took because I'm so happy with how they turned out!

She took so many more photos than I posted, you can check them out here. Thank you so much for capturing these moments, Liz. We'll treasure them always!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Moving right along...

Since I last posted Joshua has visit the cardiologist 3 times.  That sure sounds like a lot but, they want to keep a close eye on Josh and try to get his heart back to 'normal'.   Today we finally saw Dr. Rivera again & we were so very happy to be reunited with him!  The past month and a half we have gotten to know all of the cardiology team & they are all wonderful!  But we've got a long history with Dr. Rivera & he feels like family after all these years.  The first thing Josh said as we left today was, "I'm sure glad we saw Dr. Rivera today."
Now, for the report...It looks like Josh's body is responding well to the new doses of medications. At each visit they have tweaked his dosage and they feel like they've got him all dialed in now.  He will have some blood work done tomorrow and that should confirm whether or not they'll keep him where he's at currently.  We feel pretty good about that.
It's interesting to watch Joshua evolve as he has gotten older, and understands a lot more than he used to.   He's such a good little kid and though he often has to have blood work done & do tests that he'd rather not, or lay in an uncomfortable position for a long time as they preform his echo, he always goes with the flow and never gives anyone any trouble.  I'm so proud of how mature he is & his ability to handle himself.  I know often he's not thrilled to be in this situation, but instead of throwing a fit & making it a difficult situation he'll quietly ask me, "Mom, can we just leave?" or, "How much longer do I have to do this, mom?" I truly feel blessed that he has the patience to behave and do as he's asked during these appointments, as well as during hospitalizations.

 Josh and Dr. Shirai - We got to know him well in Dr. Rivera's absence. :)

Well, thanks to today's good report he gets to go 2 months before he has to be seen again! In the mean time, we'll do our best to keep him healthy and moving in the right direction.

Thanks for checking in on our Josh! :)