Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i happy

Last week we took the kids to the lake. When we were driving home I heard Joshua's little voice say "I happy, Mom!" Then he asked, "You happy Mom?" I told him that I was very happy. He went on to ask Jon, "You happy Dad?" It was the sweetest, cutest thing ever! It brought tears to my eyes. I guess I'm still hormonal, hence the tears. But really, is there anything sweeter?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

my boys

Okay, I knew this would happen. Over night my baby became a very big boy.

Joshua has been doing really well lately. Last night Jon & I were discussing how amazed we are with Joshua & how normally he's developed after all he's been through. He has always been really good at speaking, but just recently he's been putting sentences together. He's been putting 2 words together for quite a while, but it still amazes me that he's growing up so fast. It feels like overnight he went from asking "momma, bottle?" to "I want my bottle!" He's a smart little guy! I think back to his last dr. appointment when I was asked if he could say at least 10 words...he is light years ahead of where anyone expects him to be.
As far as his new role as big brother, he's doing better each day. He would get sad every time I nursed the baby the first few days, but now Josh tells me to feed Sam if he get fussy. Luckily we've been blessed with a very mellow baby who doesn't do much crying, he's been so pleasant, and so very lovable! I think it'd take more of a toll on the rest of the kids if he were a really fussy, high maintenance little guy. So things are going well overall, but I know Josh well enough to know that he still doesn't quite feel settled with all of the changes that come with a new baby. I imagine that will fade with time.
But in the mean time, I can't deny that he does in fact enjoy being the "big brother" and does a good job at it!

Monday, July 20, 2009

big brother...

Baby Sammy arrived last Tuesday & Josh has been busy taking good care of his sweet little brother! We are so excited to have Sam and we've had a really good first week with him! He is extremely pleasant & calm. He's been sleeping through the night, stirring a few times for milk & falling straight to sleep again. We couldn't be happier!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

taking matters into his own hands...

Lately I've been letting Josh play in the kitchen sink in the evenings to cool off a little & to 'de-grime' him a bit (kind of pre-bath cleaning one could say). This has become his favorite time of the day & he does not want to get out of the sink when I try to take him out. He isn't one for throwing fits, but this gets him every time...full on arched back accompanied by prolonged kicking & screaming. Well today I was helping the girls in their bedroom & Josh snuck away. I didn't think anything of it until Jon said "Allison, do you know what's going on in the bathroom?" Huh? No, I didn't know what he was talking about. So imagine my surprise when I found that Josh had taken it upon himself to climb into the sink and bathe himself (diaper and all). At least he brushed his teeth in the process. He thought he was pretty funny & tried ignoring me when I came in to ask him what he was doing...finally I got him to look up at me & I got a picture of his silly little face! He sure keeps me on my toes lately...but I can't say I don't love it!