Thursday, March 07, 2013

Another update...

Josh went in for a quick once-over yesterday. Basically, just an EKG & a listen from the Doc. Dr. Rivera feels like Josh is doing just fine.  He noticed that Josh was a little blue but his sats were nice and high so he wasn't concerned.
Upon noticing that Joshua's growth curve is petering out a bit Dr. Rivera discussed possibly putting Josh on growth hormones. Josh is quite small for his age.  Now of course being on the small end is good for a well worn heart, however, Josh is no longer following his curve the way he previously had. Dr. Rivera spoke with an Endocrinologist and it looks like we'll discuss growth hormone in further detail at our next appointment.  I take him back in two months and do the typical full-day appointment; echo, EKG, Pacemaker clinic, etc.
In the mean time I'll be doing as much research as I can on growth hormones and HLHS so we can make the right decision for Josh.
Anyway, that's where we stand. Hoping for another good report in 2 months. :)