Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fall Fun

Since my last post a lot has happened for Josh.  He started basketball, went on his first field trip & we celebrated Halloween.  Basketball has been a lot of fun for him.  He keeps up with the other kids just fine.  He's got pretty good endurance which I'm not sure I expected.  He's playing for the Boy's & Girl's club & his coaches are great!  They don't know he has a heart condition, I figure I'll let them know if he seems like he needs more breaks, but since he's doing just fine, I'm going to just let it be.  Watching him play has been so much fun! He's so focused and tries so hard.  It's adorable!!  He played in his first game last Friday & has several more in the coming weeks...I'll have to get some video of his skills.:)

Last month Josh went on his first field trip to a pumpkin farm in Half Moon Bay.  Sammy and I went along too and we had great fun!  It was fun watching Josh interact with his little buddies. He's made some great friends & he's really enjoying school this year.   His friends are such a blessing.  He's got the best little buddies and it's such a relief for me knowing they've got his back. :)

Halloween was so much fun at our new school! The kids got to dress up and do a costume parade.  It was a really memorable day for them.  Josh is real into zombies lately and so naturally he had to be a zombie.  It was the easiest costume I ever made & as soon as Sammy saw it,  he too had to be a zombie.  So my boys were pretty creepy and the girls were pretty cute. 

(These are his two best friends, the football player was a tad nervous to be around Josh I think, haha!)

That's about all that's been going on over here.  Josh seems to be doing well, but the other day I noticed his tummy looked a little bigger than normal.  Immediately I thought, "Great, it's that time of year again." - the past 2 years at the end of November Josh has been hospitalized do to fluid retention and an enlarged liver.  Then he spends the next several months trying to bounce back.  It's been pretty rough on him so I am hoping and praying that I'm just imagining things and that everything is fine.  I'm going to give it another day or two and see if his tummy goes down at all and if not I'll call the doc.  It's not that I don't personally want to spend time in the hospital, it's that I don't want another set back for Josh when he's finally really thriving.  I might just lose my mind if history repeats itself 3 years in a row.  But, I'm an optimist (or in denial perhaps) and won't stress over this, we'll just see how it plays out.