Wednesday, October 15, 2014


It's 10pm and I think the kids are all finally asleep, the lunches are all packed and I have a few quiet minutes.  I've been wanting to post some pictures and videos of Josh & Sam on their soccer team because it's been so much fun to watch! Jon and I are coaching so it doesn't leave much time for me to take the pictures I'd like to.
I really wanna get some good video footage to show the doctors at Stanford so they can get an idea how Josh is doing.  They are strictly looking at echoes, caths & blood work....yeah it's pretty important stuff, but there's something to be said for Josh's amazing physical abilities.
Last week Josh was having a really hard time emotionally.  It happens from time to time.  He cried that he's "sick of his stupid heart" and he's "sick of being the smallest" and he's "sick of taking medicine"...on and on.  It's always heartbreaking to hear this because it's a heavy burden he carries and I know these feelings are warranted.   We were able to talk through it and he began feeling better but I definitely see a need for him to express these feelings and know that its okay to feel this way.
I wonder if he'll feel this way more often as he gets older.  He's been through so much and it's taken a toll on him emotionally.  At this point I feel like he's pretty well adjusted, all things considered.  It's just something I need to really be in tune with as time goes by.
Anyway, I'm posting a few of the pictures that I've gotten & Abby has taken a few videos for me too, but they don't always catch all the action. :)

That didn't load well, but it was his 3rd goal!! He's our leading scorer!