Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer fun!

My blogging habits haven't improved at all, maybe I'm getting even worse. But the good news is we are busy having a lot of fun this much so that I'm hardly online.
I decided at the beginning of the summer that we were going to have an active summer. Everyday we do at least one thing that gets the kids moving. Mostly that means riding bikes to the park or swimming, and we've done a little hiking too.  I think we've been to the park nearly every weekday this summer and we've gotten in several swims too. It's been great!
Josh is doing so well. He keeps right up with everyone. He hasn't been napping for who knows how long and not long after surgery re-potty trained (he had to wear diapers briefly because the Lasix was making him pee SO much).  His behavior has also been improving lately.  He's definitely acting more like his silly old self again. The further out from surgery the happier he's been. He has done great going back to his class at church, which was a challenge after surgery, but I think now he's doing better than ever on that front.  It helps that he loves his teacher. She couldn't be any sweeter, he's so lucky to have her!
Josh has been gaining weight more easily for the first time in his life & he's starting to look like a big kid more than a toddler these days.
Life is good. Life is ordinary! Can't complain about that!

As you can see in this picture, he gets blue when he's cold...but his coloring is much better than before!

Hope everyone out there is well...sorry I have been so bad about keeping in contact with so many of you. I'll be better after summer. Promise. :)