Thursday, March 12, 2009

So long OT!

Josh wasn't too happy with Abby when she stopped spinning for a picture

Yesterday officially marked the final day of OT (occupational therapy) for Joshua. It was only his second, or third session, but he no longer needs OT! He has reached every milestone that he should by 18 months & then some (he's 17 months right now). If anything he's developing too fast for my liking, I want him to be a baby forever. Way to go little buddy!


The Dolloff Family said...

Is that your sit-n-spin or the OTs?

All I ever wanted growing up was a sit-n-spin.

The Dolloff Family said...


Way to go Josh! I think you should slow down too.

Allison said...

It belongs to the OT, but needless to say I should buy one. The kids couldn't get enough of it.

kirk and carrie said...

Three cheers for Booshie! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

Ally, trust me you don't want that thing. There was one at the Safe house that the kids constantly played annoying. I still get the songs playing in my head from time to time. Trust me you don't want that music in your house constantly.

Allison said...

The OT took the batteries out of it & warned me to do the same if I bought one. Thanks for the warning!

The Simmons Family said...


I should get Owen one of those spinny things... he'd love that! We just said goodbye to PT today.. not because he's ready, but because she's having a baby. Now we need a new physical therapist. He's 13 months and not even crawling yet... poor baby gets exhausted.

Someday. I'm not rushing it!

Josh continues to amaze us!!

Liz and Scott said...

That's so exciting - what a genius little boy doing everything an 18 month old can do & then some.
I love sit-n-spins. If I could get on one without breaking it, I would.

Hetrick family said...


Can I just say: he looks HUGE in that picture! His hair is getting SO LONG! When Clint's hair came in I thought it changed his looks so much too! Suddenly...a big boy :(

Congrats on the OT graduation!