Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Diaper days...

It's only April & we're already hitting the mid 90's...pretty hot.
So diaper days are back...I love my sweaty little boy!
Now we just need to invest in some sandals!


The Simmons Family said...

HA love that picture! His chest and tummy look familiar.

Things are falling into place at Stanford, this is probably the answer I have been searching for! If so, we'll be around Palo Alto for quite some time. We'll definetly get these crazy kids together and have some chat time!

Josh can run circles around Owen and Owen will do the buttscoot around Josh!

The Dolloff Family said...

Josh, you're cute. That's what Peter looks like today.

kirk and carrie said...

Cutie. His eyes look so blue and his hair so dark. He just gets more and more handsome!

Hetrick family said...

Oh Joshie---come visit!!
It is 33 degrees here this morning. I know, crazy, right??!?!

We are so excited that they are calling for temps in the 70s this weekend!

Sweat and all, you are one fine looking boy Josh! And I love the sneakers!