Friday, June 05, 2009

the sweet taste of summer (well almost)

Fresh strawberries straight from the farm! Aww the joys of living in California!


Katie said...

Your little Joshua is sooo sweet (just like those strawberries!) I've checked out your blog for a while now and figured I should say hello and introduce ourselves (found your blog through Owen's and it's one of my favs to check on).

Congratulations on your upcoming baby boy...that's so exciting and encouraging for us. After having a baby with a special heart, it's nerve-wracking to have another baby! Now that we know what can go wrong...

I'm so glad that Joshua is doing great! You have a beautiful family too :) Take care!!!

Katie (mom to Maddie, HRHS)

kirk and carrie said...

Josh and Callie are such cuties. Makes me want to have some strawberries.

Hetrick family said...

How sweet of him feeding her!!!

I can't believe you have fresh strawberries already...LUCKY!!