Thursday, November 05, 2009


i have to get this on video, because he is suprisingly fast!


Hetrick family said...

I love:
--that his shoes are on the wrong feet in the top left picture.

--his facial expression in the top right picture.

--the fact that Clint has the same Gap loafers (only in the anchor pattern).

--how coordinated he looks.

Your boys are amazing!!

The Dolloff Family said...

No kidding he's fast: look at the length of that stride. Very observant, Aim! His shoes were on the wrong feet. Made me laugh because clearly he's putting on his own shoes now!

Mary said...

I like his form.

The Fiscus Family said...

The upper right picture cracks me looks like the scooter is taking HIM for a ride :)

Oh, & I don't know how you are managing keeping up w/ TWO you can see, one has been a struggle for me!!!

kirk and carrie said...

When I was watching him the other day he got the scooter out and I told him to be careful. He said, "No Doh-Doh! You careful." Then he took off and I was amazed. Glad you captured it on camera. He is such a little boy!

Valerie said...

The protective mommy in me says where is his helmet?

Very cute.

The Laws said...

Hello, Lara and I somehow missed you in the blogosphere too. What a great blog to celebrate your courageous son. So great to see a happy, healthy little guy.