Saturday, January 16, 2010

growing pains

I wanted to take a minute & write down a little about Joshua because he's done some pretty cool stuff lately. For instance, last week we decided that we'd give the church nursery a try. He's seemed ready for some time now, but I guess I wasn't ready. I love having the "cold & flu season" excuse (don't get me wrong, it's valid & I intend to use my discretion each week) but 3 hours of adult meetings is torture for an energetic 2 year old.  So I took him in this Sunday and watched him for about 5 minutes then told him that I was leaving, but would be back soon. I never came back. I watched him through the door & he did so well. At one point Jon said the kids walked down the hall in a line to the water fountain & he didn't even recognize Josh at first. He had his arms folded & his head bowed. What a good boy! Two hours later, I picked him up from class & he was so excited to tell me all about it. We are really proud of him, it couldn't have gone any smoother!
On Monday we had a similar experience. Joshua had his first dentist appointment & I was a little worried about how he'd do, and about the health of his mouth. At first he was nervous because women in scrubs scare him, but the dentist was a man, and he did exactly what was asked of him. The dentist said he was impressed with how well behaved he was, especially given his history. The best part of the visit, no cavities!!!
And now for the icing on the cake...I have been wanting to potty train Josh for a long time. We've talked about it like crazy & I've bribed him a time or two, but his response is always "I hate the potty." I can't get anywhere with him. That is until tonight. Today I was at Ikea & bought a plastic potty for $1.50. I thought, why not. It's ridiculously tiny & looks like a dog's food bowl, but why not? So tonight he yelled out "pooping" as he ran into the room, which he never does & we quickly sat him on the potty. He did it! And then he did it again an hour later! Awesome. I know this doesn't mean he's potty trained, but it's a start...I'll take a start!
You can see I have a lot to be proud of. I have to remind myself of this because he's such a little dickens lately! Oh how I love the boy, but 2 is turning out to be a tough age. I never understood why people call it "the terrible 2's" before, but now I guess I have an idea.  I like to think of it as growing just sounds nicer. He is so different from my girls at 2. It's not a bad thing, just something that takes some getting used to.  I've honestly never in my life met someone with his drive. If  he can use that drive in a positive way when he gets older, he'll be able to do whatever he wants in life.
But for now he'll use that drive to continuously climb up the counter top & riffle through the cabinet as quickly as possible until he is caught. Ahh, good times! But you've got to love him.


Hetrick family said...

WOW!! He really is changing isn't he. You know I am with you with the "2" issues. I can't bring myself to call them terrible either :)!!

That's big news in lots of areas. Especially potty training. Let me tell you....Clint jumped in head first and was wearing big boys for several months, then quit on me.'s awesome. He still goes potty several times a day, and almost never poops his pants, but I can't trust him in the big boys because is he doesn't FEEL like it...he will totally pee his pants and not care the least. Ugh! I am trying to just roll with it and figure at least he KNOWS how to go and WILL go....just wish he ALWAYS went :)

I love the new picture of him and Sammy!!

Gina and the Gang said...

Oh my goshie Joshie! He is so cute, and getting to be such a big boy! I want to see you guys soon!

Mary said...

I'm really impressed. I don't think Julian would let me leave him in the nursery (and he's too old for it!)
And the potty training is great! I really believe kids will do it on their own schedule, and it sounds like he is ready now. Doesn't it kill you that all it took was a $1.50 piece of plastic from ikea?

Way to go, Josh!

The Samuel Elmers said...

Yea! I'm so glad his first time in nursery went well! I hear you too! Boys are definitely different than girls-not better or worse-just different!

Jillian said...

oh are such a cute boy. Good job in nursery!!

The Mason Family said...

I'm convinced that "drive" is what gets these miracle babies through everything they have to endure. Carlie is the SAME way! She can be so stubborn and bullheaded...she wants to be so independent! It can be really frustrating sometimes, but I have to remind myself that her "drive" is why she is here today!

Way to go Josh on ALL of your accomplishments!! You are a very special little boy!