Friday, January 29, 2010

here's a test...

What on earth could cause such distress???


here's a hint:

any guesses?

(cute shirt courtesy of my crafty cousin Amy)


Hetrick family said...

haha!! In a couple of the pictures it looks like he is suffering a terrible wedgie!! :)

Man, I am glad I went with the 3T. I thought those shirts ran small!! He looks so handsome--just like I pictured in my head!

Mary said...

Cute shirt!

Funny enough, Julian caused a similar reaction in his two sisters with a dang ring pop about a week ago. Those things are nothing but trouble!

kirk and carrie said... was the ring pop? I thought he was just getting home from a long day at the office. That tie threw me off. :)

Cute shirt. Now I want a ring pop.

Katie said...

Maddie's IN LOVE with ring pop's too...funny how those are envied in our household too!!!

Aimee Hardy said...

What a crack up. I love the drama.