Friday, February 12, 2010

Support {CHD week}

I am often asked "How do you do it?" in regard to parenting a child with a CHD.  The truth is I wouldn't be able to without my vast support system.
From the time we learned about Joshua's condition countless people went out of their way to help us in any way they could. 

*photos: Right- my mom & Joshua
Below- my sister Carrie with little Callie and Josh

Our family cancelled vacations, postponed work, drove to and from S.F. time after time & provided 12 weeks of childcare for Abby & Callie.  They helped us with every aspect of this journey. They sat with us through the long hours of surgery, they took care of our home while we were away, they washed our laundry & then delivered it to us, drove to S.F. in a moments notice if I mentioned missing my girls, sat with Joshua so we could take the girls out - away from the hospital. The list goes on and on. They were amazing! They continue to be amazing! 

Before delivering Joshua my friend Lindsay, whose daughter has Shones, introduced me to the support group Hearts of Hope. The support group has been such a blessing. This group of heart moms has answered so many questions, calmed so many fears, and shared countless tears. They are an invaluable resource & I've loved being a member of this special community.  A community where I've made dear, lifelong friends.

Another source of support, I've met through this blog. I have made numerous online connections with mother's who know exactly what it's like to walk in my shoes. It's an amazing bond us "heart mom's" share.  While it's not a club anyone wants to join, we couldn't do it without eachother. It has been great being part of this community.

Speaking of community - we are blessed to live in a community that has lovingly stepped forward & provided us with service, monetary donations, dinners, etc. We are endlessly grateful to those who have taken an interest in our family over the years, for the positive thoughts, the fasting & the prayers.

Lastly, and most importantly we couldn't have done any of this with out our Heavenly Father, who has blessed us with selfless families, friends & community.  We  have been lifted and strengthened during our lowest moments and it is His love that has allowed us peace during these times.

So today I want to be sure and thank you all so much for everything you've  done for us, because without you, our lives wouldn't be the same. 

*photo- My sister Molly with Josh


kirk and carrie said...

Tears, lots of tears! It's worth it all to have handsome, spunky cuddly little Josh asking to be held while he drinks his bottle and falls asleep rubbing your fingers.

I love you Joshie and I'm so grateful I get to be your aunt (favorite aunt, at that!)

Whit and Steve said...

You're killing me with all these posts!!

A good support system makes a world of difference! I couldn't imagine going through life without the families we have. They definitely are a blessing in our lives.

I'm glad your family was able to put things on hold to be there with you. I'm sure there's no where else they would have wanted to be.

Gina and the Gang said...

Right back at ya!!!