Friday, April 30, 2010

athlete in training

Earlier in the week, some girls from our church were running in a track meet, so I took the kids to watch the fun. Man how it brought back memories of the glory days! It was pretty wild going to the meet because as soon as I walked into the stadium I heard the voice of my old coach, yelling to an athlete to get to their event asap! It sent a shiver down my spine, as if I were about to miss my event. It brought me right back to my teen years in a split second! 
I was really excited to watch the girls from church compete, but I was also excited to show my kids the sport that was my entire existence for several years.  It was so fun watching my kids cheer people on & get into the spirit of track.  Joshua was really funny cheering on one of the girls running the 2 mile...  every time she'd pass he'd yell something like "Let's go Shana, you're a good girl!" or "You should do it Shana!"
The kids wanted to know all about the hurdles, the jumping events & especially the pole vault (one of my favorite events in high school & college). They were fascinated by it, the way I was when I was a kid. I remember watching the pole vaulters at my older brother & sister's track meets as a girl & deciding I'd be a pole vaulter some day.
Joshua came to the same conclusion. He said to me he wants to do "the stick on the trampoline"  - that's 2 year old talk for pole vaulting.  I have no doubt that if he wants to be a pole vaulter, then he'll find a way to be a pole vaulter. He's just that kind of person.  I just hope he doesn't take an interest in some thing like boxing, cause that's not happening!

(The photos are obviously unrelated...just cute that he made his own tee ball set up)


kirk and carrie said...

That is awesome! I wish Josh was around to cheer us on back in the day. He would have inspired me.

I don't doubt that he'll someday be a pole vaulter.

Hetrick family said...

I can so relate. Cross-country and track pretty much ruled my life for a long time. I will admit though....I was a cross girl at heart. Just couldn't LOVE track as much. I was adistance girl 4x8, 800, mile and 2-miler....and come on, that is just not exciting on a track. I did the 5,000 and 10,0000 in college--BORING!!! Even worse during indoor season--double the circles!! I think it is awesome you were a pole vaulter. I was never strong, brave, or coordinated enough to try that :) And how sweet that it is Joshie's instant attraction. He'll do it... I'm sure of it.