Tuesday, September 07, 2010

brotherly love

These little monkeys love to wrestle each other. All in good fun, but I'm not gonna lie, it does get ugly from time to time! I'm so glad they have each other to team up with, learn from, get in to mischief, etc. I love watching them & listening to their giggles!

I haven't done a lot of writing on this blog lately, but I've just been extra busy and honestly lazy too. I've been busy with the start of a new school year, new soccer teams and so on. And summer was a lazy time for us...we didn't have any commitments, just did as we pleased all summer. It was awesome.

Joshua has a full day at the cardiologist coming up next month, but part of me wants it to be sooner. He is so winded these days. He still does everything he used to, he just does it short of breath. It's so sad hearing a small boy out of breath. It isn't normal, but it's HLHS.  In that regard it's normal I suppose. But I don't like it.

I also don't like the fact that he's 2 years old and I should be watching him grow bigger, faster and stronger each day. Instead, he's hasn't gained any weight in 9 months, and he's slowly growing weaker. But, again that's HLHS.  

But on the other hand, what a wonderful time to be on the earth...he was born in an age where his condition can be a livable condition. We thank our Heavenly Father daily for that. And while the reality of HLHS isn't great, Joshua has thrived with this condition & surprised everyone. He'll continue to do so, I know it! 

Anyway, back to the original purpose of this post...I am so lucky to have these little guys in my life! I  Love them a lot.


Jenny Lincoln said...

They are so cute!!! :) I know what you feel about watching them decline instead of grow. I've noticed that Aly has been turning blue a little faster than she used to when swimming and in the tub.. little things like that. Keeping Joshua in my prayers for his upcoming cardiology appointment.

Katie said...

I'm with you on the part of it's not normal to watch a winded 2 year old. Maddie does this dry cough too when she's out of breath, it's just really sad to watch. Good luck at Cardiology...

So glad he has a little brother to rough-house with too! They're adorable and looking more alike! Although I do notice Joshua is looking bluer in these pics. Life of living with a half-heart, sigh.

Take care & heart hugs!!!

The Simmons Family said...

They are so precious!! Love the pictures! You can really see how blue Josh is in comparison to Sam... but that is HLHS.

Josh is probably getting close to the Fontan and he'll be even better than he is now! Amazing.

It's sad to see them when they are winded, blue or just darn wiped out. But we are also so thankful that they are doing the best that they can be!

allison said...

Yes, you guys are right, you can see that he is blue when you see him next to Sam. I think it's more apparent in person, but definitely noticeable to the heart moms.
I've heard the old "was he eating a blue lollipop" many times lately, which I NEVER heard in the past. And I've had people comment about him being short of breath, they think he's being silly & kidding around, but he's truly winded. Yes, the Fontan in approaching. Wish I could just fast forward through that.

Mary said...

Their wrestling is going to be like Luke and John...just think, you only have 18 more years of this!

Let me know if you need a sitter that day. My girls would love some company :)

Herlehy Family said...

Those photos are priceless!