Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Josh talk

Yes, I am using another picture of Josh in his jammies...I know, this is 3 posts in a row. I will take new pictures soon!
Anyway, I wanted to write down some of Joshua's vocabulary because it makes us all laugh daily! Josh can say any word he wants to, but lately he makes up new words, shortens words, gives people nicknames etc & I want to write them down so I never forget!

Momers - Mom
Abbers - Abby
Callers - Callie
Sammy boo - Sam
Weedow weedow - Dad

bo-bee - pacifier, aka bobo (which he hardly uses anymore:)
chocolate go-gee - chocolate milk

wad - water

nummers - his medicine

troubie - trouble

Cutie matootie - this is what he calls cute babies

Of course now that I'm making an effort to remember these silly words, I can't! I'll have to keep adding to this post as I hear them!


Hetrick family said...

LOVE THIS!! :) He is awesome!

Looking back on my blog, it is this stuff that makes me so glad I have it. There is so much I would have forgotten!!

YOU need to post a video so I can hear his little voice!

Mary said...

So funny.

My favorite made-up word of Julian's is Conscructions. It's a combination of: instructions and construction.