Monday, March 28, 2011

little by little...

I am asked several times daily how Joshua is doing & It's been a little while since I've it's time for an update! Joshua has been doing a little better each day. While it feels like surgery was 3 months ago, the reality is - it was just about 3 weeks ago! Hard to believe. We are so incredibly lucky that our hospital stay was so short & Josh has been able to spend the bulk of the recovery process (6 weeks) at home. 
He's hasn't fully returned to his old silly self, but we see glimpses of it daily.
He appears to be regaining some of the muscle he lost laying in bed & his energy level is slowly improving as well. 
He still complains that his "tummy hurts" & grabs his chest when he exerts himself too much, but he's saying that much less regularly.  All in all, things are looking good!

I wanted to post a couple of pictures from over the past week and a half. Joshua had 2 very special deliveries last Sunday after church.

First, a friend from Primary dropped off two envelopes spilling over with notes, drawings & stories from the children at church. It was so thoughtful and made us feel so loved! They also delivered some yummy treats, that lasted all of 5 seconds!
Later that same evening the Young Women from church delivered a huge basket full of toys, games & fun galore! It not only made Joshua's day, it made his week! It was so kind of them to pick out so many awesome gifts & then stop by for a visit. The kids had such a great time playing with them.
These acts of kindness couldn't have come at a better time. Sunday morning & afternoon had been a really difficult day for Joshua. I was personally feeling very burnt out. Then it all changed because these dear friends reached out to us. Thank you so much for thinking of us & lifting our spirits when we really needed it.
A couple days later, on another particularly hard day, I walked to the mailbox to find it jam packed full of envelopes - all for Josh! His cousins sure do look out for him! :) And we feel so blessed to have so many people who really, truly care.
Thank you all for the continued support...I feel like we are over the hump & good thing are in store!


Hetrick family said...

I can't see any of the pictures on your new post, but I am SO happy to read that he is on the up and up! :) And especially nice to know that you ALL are feelin' the love. :):)

Tara said...

Great to hear he is doing well! Hopefully he'll be back to 100% SOON!

Gina and the Gang said...
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