Monday, August 08, 2011

one more week

I can hardly believe that in a week we'll be zipping up his tiny backpack and sending Josh out the door to preschool.  I have a lot of emotions, I'm a little sad that he's so old, and I hate to see summer come to an end, but on the other hand I'm so proud of Joshua. He's come a long way & he is 100% ready for this experience! I'm so glad that he has the Fontan behind him going into this school year - because I doubt he would have been able to return to school given his emotional state following the surgery.  Exciting times ahead!


Hetrick family said...

Oh I'm with you Ally!

At least I have until the 30th before Liv leaves for FULL DAY Kindergarten!!

For the record, it looks like Preschool better be ready for that little STUD. I have no doubt he is going to come home from the first day with an ear-to-ear grin.

*It's the tiny back pack that gets me* :(

Jenny Lincoln said...

He is getting so big!!! I can't believe it's off to school- I can't imagine Aly ever being big enough to go to school- she's just my baby! :) Can't wait to see the picture of him and his backpack on his first day!:)