Friday, February 24, 2012

lately - take 2

So here is the post I attempted to post earlier this week. Could blogger be any less user friendly?
After spending hours trying to figure out why my pictures aren't posting my sister told me it's because I have exceeded my picture quota & I need to pay to post pictures now. For real. I'm also pretty bugged that I have no control over the placement of my pictures in my posts...I'm not any good on computers, I'm probably the problem, but seriously blogger....dumb it down a bit!  Ok, I'm done ranting.  Here are some pictures of my babies:

Only a few days until Joshua will go back to UCSF for his procedure. I am so glad he's going because he is just so blue & runs short of breath more regularly. I am really hopeful that they will figure out what's going on. I'll post more on that soon. Thanks for checking in!


The Laws said...

Thanks for the update. We have been thinking about you guys and Josh a lot. We hope the trip to UCSF gets you a healthier boy and goes as smoothly as possible.

Allison said...

I may not comment frequently, but we check in lots! I hope that everything goes well for Josh in the next few weeks. As far as the blogger picture limit, we have met ours too. I solved the problem by creating a new Google account (or posting under my husbands) and giving that account total administrator access as well. Then, I just upload pics from that account. It is my free way around google's picture limits. Good luck!

Hetrick family said...

I was wondering when Carrie posted about having to pay for blogger. Not sure how I haven't reached my limit yet, but thanks to Allison (above)...I have a way around it. I would love to switch to wordpress, but couldn't figure out how to slurp my blogger stuff over there (talk about needing something dumbed down). Anyway...I love all the pictures of your adorable crew. Joshie is always in our prayers. Hope UCSF gives you a pinker boy again.