Friday, March 16, 2012

a rega-ler boy

Josh asked me, "Mommy, when do I get to be a rega-ler boy who doesn't take lots of medicine?".
Breaks my heart. Some days this journey is really hard.


Jenny said...

Oh sweet Joshua... this post brings me tears. Praying that this medication helps and that you can get rid of some of it sooner than later. (((hugs))) mama- I'm sure that was a tough one. :(

Hetrick family said...

Ugh!! That is impossibly hard.

We love you guys and my heart breaks for you during the really hard parts of this journey. :(

I appreciate these raw, honest posts. Thanks for sharing the tough times too, Ally.

Super heros aren't rega-ler. And you will always be a super hero to us.
Cousin Amy
p.s. I am STILL driving home from Target!! Can you BELIEVE how far away I live!!!! :)

Amy Bennett said...

Oh man, this made me cry, too. Sweet, sweet Joshua. <3 you big man!

kirk and carrie said...

Oh Josh! You really do break my heart.

I'm so sorry you have to take so many medicines and have so many difficult hurdles in life. You are very lucky to have an awesome mom that goes above and beyond for you. A dad that works his butt off to give you what you need most. Doting older sisters that love you. And that crazy little sidekick, Sammy.

We love you Josh!

Kathy K said...

Ohh Josh, keep fighting. I can't imagine hearing that in a few years. I hope things turn around for him soon, lots of prayers

The Simmons Family said...

Josh.. you are way COOLER than rega-ler boys!! You get to take super medicine that gives you awesome powers. Like the force of the Jedi and Spiderman. That's what I tell Owen and he thinks it's pretty dang awesome!!

It does stink sometimes and it's kinda gross, but you are getting stronger everytime you take your meds. :)

(Nicole) The Very Hungry Caterpillar said...

oh that breaks my heart. what a sweet boy....

OLIVIA said...

Makes me cry, and reminds me of the scripture: Alma 11:44. "Now, this restoration shall come to all...and even there shall not so much as a hair of their heads be lost; but every thing shall be restored to its perfect frame...".