Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Joshua had his very first homework assignment last week. He was really excited...for about 5 minutes. Then the novelty wore off.

This was Abby's homework tonight:

Sweet Abby.


Hetrick family said...

Oh my gosh.
That is the sweetest SWEETEST thing I have ever read.

She is so grown up beyond her years and has such a GOOD heart.

You are clearly an amazing Mama to have such intuitive, compassionate kiddos.

Stefenie said...

Oh wow. She reminds me of my oldest. He worries all the time about his younger brother and his heart. {{{HUG}}} Bless her heart!

kirk and carrie said...

This is very sweet and very, very sad. I hate seeing people sick or hurt, too.

Abby is such a good girl and the best big sister. Josh is a lucky boy to have her in his corner.