Friday, April 05, 2013

these boys

I normally have some sort of health update to share, but not today.  I mostly just wanted to share this gem of a picture my sister took of the boys this past weekend.
Using my best judgement (since I don't have the Dr's word for it) Josh is doing pretty well. He runs and plays all the live long day, he gets into trouble with his little brother, never stops eating & sufficiently makes a mess of the house. Yes, I'd say he does every thing a 5 year old boy should do.
Anyhow,  Josh will go back in and do a full day at the Cardio's office in about 3 weeks and we'll get a good idea how everything looks on the inside (aside from my outward assessment).  Hoping we'll get a good enough report that we won't have to go back so frequently for follow up.  But honestly, visiting Dr. Rivera regularly isn't so bad...I just think getting a 6 month clearance would feel like a huge victory. So we'll be praying for a victory.

Happy spring, everyone!

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Herlehy Family said...

I love the photo of your two boys...super ADORABLE! So glad to see that Josh is doing so well.