Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I blinked and my baby turned 6!

I wish I had more time today to write a lengthy post but we have a lot to do today to celebrate Josh!  5 was a tough year for Josh, but looking back, he sure learned a lot during his 5th year.  Here are a few things that come to mind:
He mastered the monkey bars (huge deal in every boy's life!), he became an even better baseball player (ask anyone who has seen the kid play), he learned to ride his bike (pretty much the second the training wheels came off),  he perfected his karate skills using his brother as a training tool,  he got brave and jumped off the top of grandma & grandpa's pool stairs into the deep end,  he became skilled with a kendama, he learned to do killer handstands (and often out handstands even Callie)! 
Now of course there's the school stuff too, but when you're a 5 year old, mastering the above skills is far more important than learning your letters and sounds.  He may tire out quicker than most kids but he's incredibly athletic & that pesky heart may be able to slow him down a bit, BUT it has no power over his coordination & skill! 

Happy 6th Birthday Joshua...you are such a blessing and a miracle! We love you and are proud of you, buddy! 

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Herlehy Family said...

Awesome! Happy birthday!