Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The Best Day Ever!

After Josh attended the 49ers Training camp I wrote a 'thank you' letter to the program director.  She was very touched hearing Josh's story and asked if it'd be ok if she nominated him for their 'Champion of the Game' program.  She explained that it was a program for children who have faced difficult challenges and did so like a champion.  She told me if he were selected he'd be given tickets to a home game...tickets for our whole family!
This was the best news I heard in quite some time!!
Shortly later we were notified that Josh had been selected as the 'Champion of the Game' on Nov. 2!!  We could hardly believe the news & could hardly stand the wait!

Sunday was our big day...November 2nd!  Let me just say, it was an experience we will never forget & exceeded our expectations.  The stadium itself took our breath away.  Our seats were awesome & we had access to the Yahoo Fantasy Lounge, which was beautiful! There were no lines to wait through, for the private bathroom or for food...we felt so VIP!!

After being escorted to our seats Josh quickly spotted Kap, who he LOVES!  He really enjoyed watching them all warm up, I think that was just as cool as anything else!  Did you know Jim Harbaugh still has a really good arm?  He and Kap would take turns throwing long passes to the other players & I have to say I was really impressed by Harbaugh!!  Another player Josh really loves is Frank Gore...he was really excited to watch Gore in action.

We had a great view and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the experience.  The times we'd normally be screaming at the ref on TV, we just smiled and said, "Too bad!"...you know your having fun when horrible calls can be brushed off!
It was wonderful & we are so grateful to the 49ers organization for making a dream come true for Josh (and the rest of us!).

Go Niners!

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