Monday, January 05, 2009

Daily medications? Yikes!

I am not going to lie, one of the things that made me nervous about Joshua's condition was the fact that he'd need daily medications. Most people don't give it a second thought- sure the child cries- but they need it, so they get it no questions asked. Josh has always gotten his medicine, don't get me wrong, but it has been very hard for me, even dreadful. I hate causing him stress & discomfort, or upsetting him at all, even if it's for his own good. I am just a total softy I guess.

As much as I'd like to pretend this didn't happen; one time at a support group meeting I broke down in tears asking the other mothers for tips on giving a baby medicine. I am seriously a softy. One of the mothers asked if I had tried his medications in pill form. No, I had not. But I was willing to try anything. I put in a call to the pharmacy & had his medications in pill form by the end of the week. And since my life has been pure bliss! Seriously.

This is our daily routine:

We wake up go downstairs, I get out his pills, cut them to size & say "Time for your nummies!" Josh walks up grabs the first pill from my hand, pops it in! Then he does the same with his second pill. What a good little boy! We have the same routine at night. It is awesome. He willingly takes his "nummies" no complaints. In fact a couple of times he's walked up to the medicine cabinet & reached up calling "momma, momma" I ask "do you want your nummies?" he nods "yes" ....unbelievable! I know it was silly for me to dread giving him medicine, but I really did. I'd push it off as long as I could & just hated forcing that nasty stuff in his mouth, watch him cry, then choke, and spit out what he could. Day in and day out it took a toll on me. Thank heaven for pills!


Hetrick family said...

I LOVE how the binky just instantly drops from his mouth to take his pills. So nice that you have found a way to make ANYTHING that Josh has to go through easier!
I absolutely love seeing Clint in a diaper alone, and Josh looks just the same kind of adorable :):) You have to adore those little bodies.

Lindsay said...

Oh, my gosh, that is so cute! He is so cute!

kirk and carrie said...

This was by far the most exciting thing for Kirk and me when we babysat. We were SO excited when it was time to give Josh his nummies. We still talk about it all the time! He is so darn cute and he would reach his hand out for more. So cute. What a big boy he is.

The Dolloff Family said...

I am glad he takes those so willingly.

Peter sure has a lot to learn from Joshie.

The last time I gave him medicine he puked it right back up -- somehow into my mouth. Go figure.

I heeded your council & gave him the Tyelnol in pill form. He spit it out just as quickly as I could get it in there. I felt like a fool chasing him around for 30 minutes putting pieces of that so called "quick dissolve" pill into his mouth, only to have him spit it out again.

Josh, you're such a good boy!

Here's to hoping Peter doesn't get a fever any time soon!

kirk and carrie said...

That's hilarious, Cristy. I can't believe he got it in your mouth. Remember after you gave Peter medicine that one time and he has his lips pursed together for like a week? He wouldn't let anything in his mouth and his lips looked so tiny?

Josh could teach a lot of kids a thing or two.

Valerie said...

I remember that were heart broken.

Glad you figured something out.