Monday, January 12, 2009

OT appointment

I'll bet you didn't know he has a serious side...

Joshua was assessed by an occupational therapist a while back to ensure that his development was on track. The results of the assessment showed that Josh was right on track for just about everything. His case worker didn't want to close his case, because he's still so young so she authorized six hours of therapy. His OT came last week and she was amazed that he had already accomplished all of the goals that we had hoped he'd accomplish by June. Because he's doing so well, we looked ahead to his 18 month milestones & the OT gave me lots of tips to help him develop these skills. We are really blessed to have a little go-getter who tries his hardest to keep up with his sisters & cousins...and he does a great job at it!
Okay, not serious for long!


Hetrick family said...

YAY Joshie!!

We love to watch you thrive!! Congrats big boy for blowing your treatment plan out of the water. Short term goals....ha... you laugh in the face of short term goals. I know, I know you must be thinking, "Please, challenge me would ya?"

The Simmons Family said...

Always amazing us! I need to get Owen some pointers.