Monday, May 04, 2009

little boy + smart + good climber = trouble

I'm not good at math, but it all adds up in this case.
Little Josh has been honing his climbing skills. He is pretty smart about the way he does it too.
Step 1: retrieve the time out chair
Step 2: retrieve a stool
Step 3: create a stair case (of sorts)
Step 4: free reign over any and everything
Here is what I documented today. This takes place his every waking hour every day.
Getting craisins out of the cupboard. Help yourself Josh.
And pictured below - enjoying his hard earned craisins (on top of the counter).

There is nothing safe about this bad habit. But - this is what happens when I move his handy dandy chair out of reach...
I ask myself what would happen if I put the chair on top of the hutch...I'm not willing to risk it.


The Dolloff Family said...

You are trouble!

Remember how he kept climbing up Grandpa's ladder yesterday? That was alarming! He has no fear!

Allison said...

Yes Cristy. Now you see why I had a nightmare of him at the top of a ladder the other day.

Aimee Hardy said...

Way to smart for his own good. And with his adoring sisters fan club standing by, I noticed. Good thing he's so darn cute that there's no way you can get too mad, at least not for long.

Hetrick family said...
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Hetrick family said...

That is awesome! I know it must be hard for you, being the one that has to fear from him daily. But, for me--it is hilarious and kind of mind blowing. With each picture I was more amazed. I am lucky with Clint--my boy is not especially daring. Little Josh seems to enjoy the challenge and brain teasers you present him with when hiding his favorite things (chair, craisins, etc). You have to give him credit. It is darn impressive. I would just love to see his little body pushing his "ladder" chairs all over the house.

kirk and carrie said...

I love that any time there is a possiblity he could get "in trouble" he has that huge grin on his face. Wait until he's Callie's age if you think he's up to no good now.

The Simmons Family said...

Kamryn said "Joshie is like superbaby... he can move chairs and climb!!" I agree. WOW!

Watch out with the new little guy, I'm sure Josh will have some good ideas of "playtime" with brother.


Tanja said...


Wow you guys look great! I was thinking about Joshua the other day and Anne gave me your website. It is great to see how much he has grown. He looks perfect. Wishing you and your family all the best.

Tanja (former 7East Nurse, hope you remember me!!!)

Allison said...

Don't know if you'll read this Tanja, but do you really think we could forget you? Come on!
I'm pretty sure you were Jon's personal favorite as you always kept us entertained! Glad you guys found the blog & see what a normal kid he has become!

The Dolloff Family said...

I think that stinkin' chair has appeared in your posts as often as Josh. He loves that thing.