Friday, May 08, 2009

Swiper the dog...

If you've ever watched Dora, hopefully this story will make sense.
Today Abby & Callie were watching Dora & Josh was watching along with them. He usually doesn't pay any attention, but today he was interested.
When Dora stopped Swiper (as she always does) Swiper said the usual "Awwww maaaan!"
Josh loved it & looked up at me and said "Momma..."
I asked him "What Joshie?"
He said "Dog, awwww maaaan!"
I thought it was so cute & Abby said, "But mom Swiper is a fox you know." Of course I knew that, but there is something adorable about him calling Swiper a dog, don't you think?


Carlla said...

How cute! Josh is looking really great! You are all looking good!

kirk and carrie said...

Abby is so silly, she loves to let adults know when "little kids" say things that aren't 100% accurate. That's cute that Josh thinks he's a dog. You gotta love that little boy.