Monday, May 11, 2009

lover boy? not so much!

turned into this:

Before you feel too bad for Josh you should know that the "hug" in the first picture wasn't a hug at all. Josh was all over Callie like a cheap suit going for the take down. The wrestling matches around this place are in good fun. Well, in most cases:)
Real affection? Now that's what sets him off!


kirk and carrie said...

I don't feel bad for him at all. I see that punch he's landing on her ribs in the bottom right picture. That kid can hold his own.

Hetrick family said...

Those pictures are so cute. My favorite one is Callie's tiny leg sticking straight out. Josh is going to be bigger than her next week. I agree with Carrie, it looks like a fair brawl.

Hetrick family said...

Ok, after a second look...

The giant dimple in the top left picture is giving the tiny leg picture a run for it's money.

I could eat your kids.