Tuesday, August 25, 2009

6 weeks

So my little Sam is 6 weeks old. He's been such a sweet baby & we have enjoyed every second of it! He is as good as he is chubby!
Can you believe that we spent Joshua's first 6 weeks in the ICU?
I much prefer laying around the house holding my new little bundle, to standing bedside for hours on end (and all that that entailed).
But, I would do it again for Joshua, without hesitation. I love this kid so much!


Hetrick family said...

It would have been nice (for Josh too) to not have to start that way, but something tells me that gives him the extra dose of "miraculous" to top off his perfection.

That bottom picture looks like he is slyly moving in for a kiss. I wish I could plant one that cute dimple of his.

The Simmons Family said...

Ah Sam is SO squishy and adorable! Owen spent the first four weeks in the hospital and it's all a blur now. I'm so happy that Sam is healthy!! Speaking of healthy.. Josh looks AMAZING as ever. I just adore his smile!! I can't wait to get our boys together.. soon :).


Carlla said...

Aiden spent almost 6 weeks, then we went home for 10 days and went back for 10 more days, a total of 7 weeks. Is seems like so long ago doesn't it?
Happy Birthday to Josh!! 2 years old! I remember when I met you he was 5 months old & just had his Glenn, actually, I think he was having his Glenn the day I met you! Wow...So glad to see him doing so well!!