Monday, August 17, 2009

fun at funderland!

Yet again our amazing support group put together one heck of a party! This was our 'End of Summer Bash' & it was more fun than you could imagine! It was held at Funderland, which is basically an amusement park for little guys. We rode rides until we were blue in the face (excuse the pun), ate pizza until our bellies hurt & enjoyed shaved ice until we got a brain freeze! It made for an amazing evening!
I think this was the only ride they wouldn't let Joshua on & he wasn't too happy about it. He stood there & watched his sisters zoom by, screaming loudly & longed to join in the fun...but rules are rules & he was just too short. Maybe next year!

(The always hilarious Gina pointed out, if you look closely at this picture you'll see that the sign says the ride is not for people with cardiac conditions, this was posted on every ride at the park...oops! luckily no mishaps!)

He rode the merry-go-round, but it wasn't nearly as exciting as the mini roller coaster.

Then we were off to take a spin in the cars. Josh felt like such a man. He insisted on sitting in the driver's seat, & also that I keep my hands off my steering wheel. HE wanted to drive!

Later he ditched me for a hotter chick. This little cutie came up to him & asked if he wanted to ride the fishies with her. It was maybe the cutest thing ever! So the two of them rode the fishies off into the sunset...literally, they rode the fishies until the park closed. It was true love!

What an evening it was! Food, fun, friends & fishies at Funderland, the makings for a perfect Friday night! (okay, I'll stop with the F's already.)

not pictured: baby Sam (too busy sleeping)


The Sam Elmers said...

I love Funderland! I used to go there as a little girl! What a fun evening!

kirk and carrie said...

Looks like a blast! I love all the pictures, including Josh's lady friend. I am curious about that adorable boy taking Callie on a spin in the car...very curious.

Josh does think he's such a man riding that car with a bobo.

allison said...

Carrie, that is the VERY adorable Drew...check out his blog listed on my side bar. He is a handsome little guy!

Hetrick family said...

How adorable. They all look so cute in these pictures, but Josh looks like such a big boy. His sweaty, spikey hair looks exactly like Clint's. I'm glad you guys are really enjoying the end of summer. But--isn't summer your only season out there in Cali???

allison said...

Amy, We do get some yucky wheather in our part of Califonia, usually December-February. You might laugh though at what we consider "yucky"...but it isn't worthy of being called a year round summer.
Really the start of school is what I'm considering "end of summer" :(