Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 much!

Joshua recently turned 2 & I never gave him a proper birthday post. I've been a little busy I guess, but he deserves a post...and I want to look back and remember what he was doing at this age so here we go:
At age 2 Josh continues to impress us. He speaks in sentences, he tells jokes, he loves to push Callie's buttons (he good at it too), he is obsessed with holding hands (usually mine are his favorite, but he'll take Abby's if I'm busy), he is very close with Abby, he has a big appetite, he loves to play outside and he climbs up everything!  I could go on, but you get the idea!
He had his 2 year check up with the pediatrician & he was pretty nervous the whole time.  He asked his doctor about 50 times "Doctor, you gonna hurt me?" The doctor replied (every time Josh asked), "No, but I am going to examine you." 
He did such a good job sitting there & allowing the doctor to do his thing, even though he was clearly skeptical. We are officially past the age where he just screams & points to the door wanting to leave. He's growing up fast.   
All in all, Josh is doing much better than I ever anticipated at age 2. I am so proud of my boy. He has exceeded all of our expectations & I love watching him progress each day!
I am often asked if his heart is "better" now. Unfortunately the answer to that is no. His heart is functioning as well as it can currently, however, his heart will never be a normal heart. He needs one more surgery to complete the staged palliation. We don't know when that surgery will be, although I can feel it on the horizon. It is typically done when a child weighs about 30lbs. Josh weighs about 26lbs. I imagine it'll take him about a year to put on those last few pounds (I've considered with-holding food so he doesn't reach that mark for a l-o-n-g time).  After he has that surgery his heart will function more efficiently.  Even post surgery he won't be "better"...but ideally his heart will function well for him. Eventually he will need a heart transplant, but we are hopeful that it will be in the very distant future. 
So there you have it. I often assume that the only people who follow this blog are fellow heart moms, but there may be a few others who aren't familiar with HLHS. Consider youself lucky!
Anyway, back to the point of this boy is 2!
Happy Birthday! I love, love, love you!


Hope's Blog said...

Happy Birthday Joshua!

What an amazing and adorable little man. Thank you for sharing your story. It is great to read your posts and see where you have been and where you are today. It gives heart moms like me that are just starting on this journey a lot of hope!

Aimee Hardy said...

Happy Birthday Josh! What a wonderful milestone. We are so glad that you are doing so well and are as normal and naughty as a 2 year old should be. Keep up the good work!

Hetrick family said... the hand holding--and all the mischief. I know the Callie situation well as suddenly Clint has gone from idolizing Alivia to terrorizing her. It is something in a "brother's" genetic make-up. As long as they can hug and kiss goodnight at the end of the day, I can deal with it! I am so impressed by Josh and love to know the HEART specifics. Thanks for keeping us informed!! Happy Birthday Joshie!!

FYI: SERIOUS Jeep envy over here. That thing is awesome!!!

Liz said...

What a sweet boy. I'm glad the doctor's visit went well - I can only imagine how hard it is for you guys, worrying about Josh. Your little guy's in our prayers often.

The Dolloff Family said...

Love that Josh! He is such a good talker -- the best. I can't believe he kept saying it to the doctor. Very funny & sad at the same time. Hopefully, he'll have more & more good doctor appt. where the doctors are nice to him. The cake looks so yummy with the frosting dripping over the sides. I love that Josh has a beater in the jeep with him! His shirt looks perfect for the occasion, & your backyard doesn't look bad either!

allison said...

He's a lucky boy Cristy, he had multiple cakes (that one was the lame old family cake, but it was pretty yummy, just not beautiful).
Between all the cakes & frosting I made he had a beater in his hand almost all week!
Yeah, the backyard is coming along, we've made more progress since that picture-one day we'll have a grand reveal of the yard when it's complete. But don't hold your breath, it may not be done until next year.

Gina and the Gang said...

Happy Belated Birthday. I can't believe he's already 2! I forget that we had babies so close together. He is adorable, and looks great!!!!