Monday, November 02, 2009

sweetheart with a sweet tooth...

we had a fun halloween weekend, and ate more than our share of candy & treats. on friday, abby brought home some left over cupcakes from her class party. there was one left on saturday morning that she was "saving for later." when joshua woke up he quickly spotted it, picked it up, licked the top (covering it in snots), needless to say his territory was marked. abby was upset. i told her not to feel bad, that it probably didn't taste too good because it was a day old. i couldn't get the whole sentence out before joshua started "mmmmmmmm"ing.  then he said "abba, this is soooo nummy!"

nothing like a healthy breakfast to start the day off right, right!?!
so the kid's got a sweet tooth. can't fault him for that, after all, i'm pretty sure i know where he gets it.
but eating cookie dough balls? this is where i draw the line! i had a few cookie sheets lined up, waiting for their turn in the oven, when callie yelled, "mom, josh is eating your cookies!"
this is the look on his face when he knows he's in big trouble. his more cookie dough.


Hetrick family said...

Sweets infatuation??

Hmmm.....this sounds like someone I know! :) Joshie, we feel you, Buddy--that sugar is just SOOOO GOOOODD!!!!!

FYI: I love "Abba", and his teasing is exactly like someone ELSE in my house. I've said it before: Brothers are just born with this teasing talent. What are sister to do?!?!

The Simmons Family said...

A boy after my own heart!!