Wednesday, October 28, 2009


the other night when i was putting joshua to sleep, as he drifted off he quietly said, "momma, i miss peter." it was incredibly sweet & genuine.

joshie's cousin pete recently moved about 2 hours away (an eternity in kid-time).

you see, peter is more than just a playmate, he's joshua's best buddy.  they've been causing trouble together since they were newborn babes.

they've taught each other many things - some naughty & some nice.

such as how to walk!

& how to wrap a grown adult around a teeny, tiny finger.

peter, we want you to know, that while you may be far away, we think of you often & can't wait to see you again soon!

life isn't the same without you little buddy!


kirk and carrie said...

It's true, life isn't the same when Petey is so far away. I love the little buddies, they are too cute for words.

The Dolloff Family said...

Aww! We love you too, Joshie! More than you know! Pete can't wait to see you & chase you around! You're the best friend a boy could ask for!

Hetrick family said...

:( Geez, this sweet post choked me up. I think it takes me back to leaving Emma, Anna, and Ella when we had to head back to WA after visits. We are all lucky our kids have such buddies in their cousins.

And I'm lucky to have (blog)buddies in my cousins--after all those years :) XOXO I love you girls!! Thanks for including me in your family through your awesome blogs.

I must add that I thought it was funny to see the older pictures and think "Oh my I forgot how chubby Pete was, and how cute Joshie was with his "baby" hair"--only to then laugh at myself since I've never even met them!! I just feel like I know them so well :)

allison said...

amy- i know exactly what you mean! i feel like i know your family so well, yet i've never met your little feels weird thinking that because they are dear to me!
one day we'll all get together & what a celebration it will be!!!

The Fiscus Family said...

They look like best buds indeed! Such cute memories here :) I hope they can visit each other often & make lots more!!!