Tuesday, February 23, 2010

say what?!

Last night for family night we talked about showing each other love, kindness & being a happy family. I told the kids that this week I wanted each of them to go out of their way daily to do something nice for their siblings. I also told them that if they did or said something not nice, then they needed to pay the sibling they slighted 2 compliments (I got this idea from one of the girls I teach at church). Later in the evening Josh playfully kicked Abby. She said to him, "Joshie...you gotta say 2 nice things to me for that!"
He thought about it for a second, got a big smile on his face & said, "Okay...I like to toot. And I like to kick you!"
This is going to be an interesting week!


The Dolloff Family said...

Smart pants! That's too funny! He's such a boy!

btw-- what 2 nice things did you say to him after teasing him with his pacifier?

kirk and carrie said...

I'm with Cristy...what were the nice things you said about him?

He is such a tease. I can only imagine how Abby reacted to that.

allison said...

I told him that he's a good big brother and that he is a funny boy. Then I told him I like to toot.

Hetrick family said...

Ok, I thought I was laughing at what he said, then you really got me going with your "I like to toot" also.

This reminds me of the other day. Liv learned the word "compliment" on Sesame Street, and so she has been trying to give them out. We were in line at Walmart and there was a lovely black woman behind us. Liv says to her..and I quote :"Your lips are beautiful. They are HUGE, and beautiful!" Then turns to me and says, "Hey Mom, did ya hear that, I told her a compliment." Awesome.
The lady was so sweet, grinned at Liv and said "I'm so glad you think so!"
Can wait to hear the nice things they have to say to each other all week.

allison said...

you need to publish a book of Liv's sayings...she always says the best stuff!!!

Hetrick family said...

Allison, I gotta tell you. I made the mistake of relaying this funny Josh-ism to Ian tonight on the phone. He thought it was hilarious, but BIG MISTAKE. The rest of the night Liv and Clint were running around saying "I like to toot, and I like to kick you" on repeat about a thousand times. And they would dissolve into giggles each time they said it. I also realized tonight that Liv no longer calls him "Josh-la"--she can actually say Joshua--:(

allison said...

That's funny Aim! Josh knew it was funny when he said it, so now those are the only 2 "nice" things he'll say when he does something naughty...ugh!
I love that she called him Josh-la...that one will be missed:)

a not so desperate housewife said...

just visiting...and it seems like we DO have a lot in common, especially after your last scare with RSV. hope your little dude is feeling better soon. and i have a feeling your blog will come in mighty handy in a few weeks when weston has his surgery. thanks for leaving your comment :)