Thursday, February 10, 2011

Getting set...CHD week

Last week was the Holter monitor & this week it's the dentist. Joshua got a good report cavities!!! Hip hip hooray, thank heaven for that! So we have yet another appointment checked off our list. Today Joshua said goodbye to his gymnastic classmates & teacher. We are officially on lock down, no more church class, no more gymnastics, no more playdates. We have 3 more weeks that we HAVE to stay healthy. That's right, surgery is in 3 weeks!
In that time we have a couple more things on our to-do list, but we are getting there. As surgery draws nearer we are feeling very encouraged, but have moments of anxiety every now & then. Luckily they are just moments.  

I have decided that I will donate blood for Joshua's surgery, we have the same blood type. My dad is going to as well. Joshua has been the recipient of countless units of blood, thank heaven there are willing donors! I am going to make an effort to give blood more frequently since we have directly benefited from others who made the sacrifice. In honor of CHD week you should go to your local blood bank & donate too! You never know who your blood will help or perhaps even save!


Craig Family said...

I'm O neg....what is Josh? I can get it done asap if needed.


Hetrick family said...

Ian is O neg too!! And he gives blood as often as he can. Do you know O neg people get prizes??!!? You may not know this if you only go once or twice, but since Ian gives all the time he learned (by surprise) that they award O neg people because they are SUPER beneficial to have on the list of frequent donors. Giving blood is such a simple way to help. And always good snacks too! :)

I LOVE how cute Josh looks in that chair. I wish I was that excited to go to the dentist. :) And I wish I didn't have any cavities too :(

allison said...

Emily, Joshua & I are A neg. The only problem is, if blood is being donated for him specifically, it needs to be donated at the lab in SF. Otherwise it cost an absurd amount of money to have it transferred.
Amy, that's great that Ian is a regular! So is my dad! He is O neg neg. Yes, double neg...which I didn't even know existed! Thank heaven that people like them are willing to share the love:)