Wednesday, February 01, 2012

doing good

Joshua seems to be doing pretty well lately. He plays hard and has been in a good mood lately.  He will go to his cardiologist next week and have a full day of exams. We are praying that things will look better this time. Last appointment he was still in heart failure, but hopefully this time they'll be pleased with what they see. I think I forgot to mention in the past that Joshua's fenestration (the whole that was created in the heart during the Fontan surgery to allow blood to off-flow preventing too much pressure) was still very open. The plan of action will be to send Joshua back to UCSF (when he's stable enough for it) to have it closed. They do the fenestration to help with the post-op recovery, they like for it to close on it's own and when it doesn't, they go back in and close it. I suspect they'll do it this Spring...or sooner. His sats (oxygen level in the blood) are low due to the fenestration and we'd all like to see it higher.

Anyway, if you are reading this - thanks for checking in on our boy. :)
I will have some real news to post next week. Praying it's good.

Also, our friends the McMillan family, could use a prayer as Tyler recovers from the Fontan.  We were roommates during past surgeries...Josh and Tyler were born only 2 weeks apart, both with HLHS.  We hold them dear to our hearts. I wish I lived closer so I could talk with Heidi in the hospital halls like old times. :) Anyway, say a prayer for their sweet Tyler...we are wishing them the best.


Hetrick family said...

Love the pics! ! Praying for good news next week!!!

The Laws said...

Glad your boy is happy these days. He (& the rest of your family) are deep in our thoughts.

Whipple said...

I was surfing the web on HLHS and just happened across your blog. I too have a Joshua with HLHS...He is 19 and just starting college and is doing well. I just wanted to send my prayers your way.
Joy Whipple