Monday, February 13, 2012

upcoming cath

Josh will head to UCSF in about 2 weeks to have his fenestration (hole in his heart) closed.  Normally, I think I would be nervous, but I have been a little worried about Joshua's health & there is no better place for him to be than UCSF.  So I welcome the experience because at least we'll know where we stand. Josh is thrilled to go back .Talk about short term memory, ha! He can't wait for the french fries and milk, too actually.
He asked if he'll need "an I.B."...he realizes that we are going for a procedure.  We talked a bit about it and he's okay with it, surprisingly not nervous. Like I said he's looking forward to the hospital food. Go figure.  Anyway, hopefully once he has this procedure he'll be a pinker kid. He seems pretty darn blue some times. I think I'll ask them about his diaphragm while we are there because he breathes harder than I like to see, and before his Fontan they felt like it was contributing to his shortness of breath.  It's probably wishful thinking that it could be as simple as his paralyzed diaphragm, but I'll wish any how. Some times all you can really do is wish & pray.

Joshua is doing gymnastics again...I think the pose they put him in for picture day is pretty funny. He loves gymnastics! It's fun to watch him having such a great time!


Jenny said...

Awww... what a cute picture! Keeping Joshua in our thoughts and prayers!

Katie said...

We'll be wishing & praying along side you! Maddie needs hers closed too...most likely this summer. Like you, I'm curious what it will do for her. Happy Heart Day tomorrow!

kirk and carrie said...

I am going to need a copy of his gymnastic picture. He's so cute it's not even funny.

Heidi McMillan said...

I know he will do great! I love that the best part of these stays for all is the food. I am speaking at an awards banquet for the hospital this week honoring the nutrition services....would you mind if I shared this post? Let me know.