Saturday, February 11, 2012

another anniversary

Four years ago today Joshua had his second open heart surgery. He wasn't quite 5 months old. It's hard to believe this little baby is now my big strong boy. Upon hearing his diagnosis and being encouraged to terminate my pregnancy I knew it wouldn't be easy raising a child with a life threatening illness. But life is so much better than I ever dreamed it could be. We weren't given a lot of hope by the medical professionals who we worked with during my pregnancy. Truthfully, I was trying to emotionally prepare for a horrible quality of life for my baby. Despite the difficulty of hospitalizations, the medications, the surgeries, my Joshie boy has a very good quality of life. He is very normal and he is the happiest kid.
In light of Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week I encourage any of you who can - to donate blood, and become an organ donor. Many children with CHD's will need a heart transplant in their life time. If you read any of the blogs I have linked on my sidebar you probably know that.
Hard to believe it's been 4 years...we look forward to many, many more with our little guy!


Hetrick family said...

These baby surgery pictures kill me!!! But not as much as the thought of you having to endure termination discussions. I'm so proud of you. And Josh is amazing!!!

kirk and carrie said...

Four years!?! How did that go by so fast?

Josh is a very normal child and has such a happy, meaningful life. There are so many people that are blessed in great ways just by knowing him.

We love you Josh! You are a real hero and inspiration. :)

OLIVIA said...

Happy Anniversary, Josh! This world would not be the same without you!