Saturday, June 09, 2012

Day 4 - Becoming a Jedi

Our first day in Disney, Joshua's Jedi Training Academy was cancelled due to the rain.  We were a little bummed that he missed out on it, so we decided to head back to Hollywood Studios & get him into the training on Sunday!
Joshua was selected to carry the banner & lead his fellow Padawans to the training cool!

Upon entry he was robed in the garb of the Jedi and he was introduced to his instructor.

 He was trained to fight, but only if threatened. And as fate would have it, the training session was crashed by Darth Vader & Joshua's arch nemesis, Darth Maul.

Some of the kids were challenged to battle by Darth Vader & the other kids faced Darth Maul.

Josh was selected to fight Darth Maul. Remember his first encounter with Darth Maul? Well this time around Josh was equally terrified. This time Darth maul was spinning a double light saber at him, so I can't say I blame him for bowing out of the ring.  By the time I got to Josh (he was escorted off the stage), poor little guy was shaking like a leaf!
But he was awarded his certificate of he's officially a Jedi!!! Yay for Joshua!
Later that day we watched the Indiana Jones show & it was AMAZING!

We were blown away by the huge production of all these shows. If you ever get the chance to experience Disney World, do it!!!

Later in the day we went back to Magic Kingdom, which is quite the journey.  You can only get to it by boat or by train. And look at the view along the way:

 We had to get the classic family pic:

And here's what else we did:

This Jungle Adventure ride was tons of fun! Our guide let the kids steer the boat, they thought that was really cool!

 And of course our trip wouldn't be complete without a spin in the tea cups!!

Jon and the girls spent some time on some of the big kid rides, so the boys and I had some time to kill:

That night we went for another dip in the pool & Joshua learned to swim (with a life jacket) all by himself. He used to need me or Jon to hang on to him...but now he's a pro!
This was one of his favorite parts of the trip!!!

And that marks the end of day 4, two more days to go!!


cristy said...

Gosh! So much fun! I cannot believe all that you fit into each day! Jedi training, Indian Jones, boating, rides & more ride, Sam dying!, and Josh learned to swim! Wowza, what a day! -- I am sure I missed something

kirk and carrie said...

Super fun! Just another day milling around Disney World, huh? I love that Josh can swim with his life jacket now. A noteworthy accomplishment!

Seriously, this trip was amazing!

Hetrick family said...

Sam is killing me. KILLING me!! I am blown away by this trip!