Thursday, October 08, 2009

another good report!

Before Joshua's appointment he helped me pack his backpack with his favorite DVD, toys and treats. He was so proud of himself, I think he felt like he was going to school, but he knew where we were actually going & was a little nervous about the whole situation. But we did our best to spin it like it'd be neat to go watch his movie & see Dr. Rivera.
He had his echo on Wednesday & did awesome through it. He laid down in the dark room, tapping his foot to the music on his DVD & eating popcorn...livin' the high life!
Dr. Rivera came in at the end of the echo & told me how good his heart looked. He said that it was squeezing well & the leak is trivial. He said overall, he's very happy with how Joshua's heart looks. Thank heaven!
This morning we took Joshua in for his EKG, chest x-ray, blood work as well as consultation. Joshua did really well again. He's such a big boy & I'm really proud of him. The hardest part was the blood draw (as always), but even that went pretty well. He sat there, very brave & offered up his little arm to the tech. He starred at the guy with those big baby blues & I got a little teary eyed. I hate blood draws SO much. He cried, but held still & it only took one poke & no digging.  That was the best case scenario.
 We haven't gotten the results of the chest x-ray, but everything else was great!

Dr. Rivera said that he is probably just getting out of breath due to the 4lbs he put on, over the passed 4 months.  He told us Josh needs to adjust. But, he has no worries. He said, "You do not need to treat Joshua like he's special. He is just fine." What he meant by that is; let him live a normal life, don't baby him.  If only he knew the trouble Joshua gets into! The only "special" treatment he gets is that we go easy on him when he's being a dickens!

After all, he's a little boy, and while he may only have half a heart, he does what he pleases!


Lindsay said...

I'm so glad everything is okay...I was starting to worry waiting for the update. He definitely lives life to the fullest - you can tell in all of the pictures just how happy he is.

Hope's Blog said...

I am so happy everything looks so good. He is such a cutie and I'm glad he did so well at the appointments.

Hetrick family said...

I second the first comment. You nearly had an extremely nervous email in your inbox as a result of that wait!! WHEW!!! I am sooooo happy that all is well with little Josh. Just a growth spurt :)

I must add that these may be my favorite pictures of your handsome little "dickens" (truly my favorite word in your vocabulary). Seriously...SO PRECIOUS (and not just because it could totally be Clint--could you imagine a picture of them side by side?!!?)--Josh could get away with about anything with those eyes. His expression in the first picture is so cute. Makes me want to run and scoop him up and kiss that sweet face.

And it makes me so sad to picture him offering up his little arm while knowing what is coming. Such a strong, brave little boy. Thanks for the update!!!

Mary said...

You're going to have to compare that first photo of him with his first kindergarten photo.

So glad all is well, he just likes to give you a scare every now and then to keep you on our toes :)

cici said...

Nothing greater than answered prayers.
Good job Joshua! ;)

kirk and carrie said...

Oh Joshy! We're so happy everything is okay after all.

In regards to the dickens that Josh is...he tried biting me (not hard, pretty sure he was looking for a reaction from me) 4 times when I was watching him on Tuesday and this is what our conversation was like each time:

Me: "Josh don't bite me. It hurts."
Josh: "Oh." Then he'd smile or giggle.
Me: "Aww you're so cute, buddy."

In my head I knew it was wrong but he really is that darn cute.

Sheena + Trevor said...

So good to hear! whew!

Jen said...

What a relief! I know I haven't met Josh, but he looks like such a big boy in these photos all of a sudden that it's not hard to believe that it's growth that has been giving him trouble!

Gina and the Gang said...

Good to hear such great news. And he is so stinking cute I can't take it!!!! Aubrey would eat him up if she could!!!