Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i couldn't agree more...

i'm feeling the same as josh in this picture. today he decided to pick the keys off my laptop key board. no more shift key, no more caps lock (g key, ctrl key and 'up arrow' hanging on by a thread). it feels so un-natural avoiding the shift key.
later he decided to tear the pages out of abby's library book. not cool josh.
i'm mad at you.

okay, maybe not mad, but if i were to ever get mad at you, i'd totally be mad at you right now. 


The Simmons Family said...

HA.. LOVE that pictures!!! Josh cracks me up. Abby looks just like you and SO grown up holding Sam. Callie is getting a kick out of the whole scenario.

You have your hands full... but at the end of the day you wouldn't have it any other way!

allison said...

yep...callie is laughing because josh wants to hold sam. silly little josh, nothing is going his way today!
yeah, my hands are very full...but you're right, wouldn't change a thing (well, if I had a mute button, it might come in handy:)!

Hetrick family said...


Little stinker.

These boys get away with murder I tell you.

Today Clint and Liv got into a little brawl with Alivia being at the receiving end of a good smack (from Clint)---I told him to go to his room and he say "WHY??? Me not fussin'...SISSY FUSSIN!!".


The Dolloff Family said...

Josh, Josh, Josh -- he continues to get a way with murder! No, not really. Josh is one sweet boy, but he is quite the dickens! That is a great picture! Peter did that with my keyboard when he was like 6 months old (clearly that one was my fault), & loosing those keys does pretty much render you useless! The good new is that you can buy replacement keys on ebay for about a buck.

Amy -- your Clint is a crack up!

kirk and carrie said...

He has a naughty little streak...I'll give him that. I think tearing pages out of a library book would make me go nutty. I've always had a fear of ruining a library book or losing one. Knowing Abby she won't have a problem with it. At least after that "Buzz" incident I can't imagine her caring about her library book in shreds.