Monday, October 26, 2009

more of the same

remember last week when i said that josh was "acting up" a bit? well, not much has changed this week. but i can't help but love the little guy! maybe a bucket full of candy on halloween will straighten him up!?! i'll keep you posted.
(today he picked off my colon/semi-colon thought i learned my lesson? nope.)

i'm hopeful for a brighter tomorrow!

(to be fair, much of his craziness is in good fun!)


Hetrick family said...

HAHA LOVE the "semicolon" note :):) It takes me SEVERAL times to learn my lesson too--seems I always hope that they have learned THEIRS (clearly I give them too much credit).

Sam's eyes are SO beautiful in this picture. The girls are as endearing as ever. And Joshie--sweet Joshie--we all have our days, right?!

The Dolloff Family said...

I love the pictures. I like how both boy have the same smile on their faces.

Josh is too funny! He called me this afternoon (okay, he asked for Peter), & he seemed to be in a pretty good mood. Believe it or not, I was able to get some real info from the boy!

Let's see:

1. He's going to be a football guy for Halloween.
2. Abby is at school.
3. He is at Grandma's house
4. So are Callie & Sam.
5. He called to talk to Pete. Geez -- already too cool for his aunt. You're right: he is a little bugger!

kirk and carrie said...

Josh called and talked to me today, to. He said, "Hi DohDoh." Then he hung up.

The boys are totally mirroring each other in that second picture. Poor misunderstood 2 year old little guy. Not his fault he like the keys on your laptop.

KarenV said...

My favorite kids in the whole world!